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Alternative forms[edit]


From click +‎ -ity.


clickity (uncountable)

  1. Nonce variation of the word click, usually indicating one of a series of clicking sounds.
    • 1911, Marguerite Audoux, Marie-Claire, page 51:
      Her stick made a little clickety noise on the flagstones.
    • 1984, Charles Sauriol, Tales of the Don, page 61:
      As so many times before one finds a cozy corner in a coach, props oneself on an elbow and gazes out the window as the scenery goes speeding by to the cadence of clickity, clickity, clickity, click as the wheels strike the spaces between the rails with increasing speed.
    • 2003, Tom Condon, The Sandman: Stories to Read to Children, page 5:
      The SWOOPER started to move faster and faster and soon they were swooping along a dark tunnel, clickity, clickity, clickity-clack.
    • 2009, Alton McVey, Dancing with the Bear, page 198:
      When I was about halfway through the hatch, the engine went “clickity, clickity, clickity, and boom,” igniting the gasoline vapors in the compartment into a huge fireball.
    • 2010, Jerome Peterson, Thumb Flagging, page 162:
      Instead of a raft floating down the Mississip,' it'll be a clickity clack across the desert.
    • 2015, Fran Manushkin, Katie's Noisy Music, page 8:
      As she walked to JoJo's house, Katie ran a stick along a fence. She liked the clickity-clackity sound.

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