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From Proto-Italic *kleitrela, diminutive of *kleitrā, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱléy-treh₂ (shelter, covering), from *ḱley- (to shelter, cover) +‎ *-treh₂.[1]



clītellae f pl (genitive clītellārum); first declension (plural only)

  1. packsaddle


First declension.

Case Plural
nominative clītellae
genitive clītellārum
dative clītellīs
accusative clītellās
ablative clītellīs
vocative clītellae



  1. nominative plural of clītella
  2. genitive singular of clītella
  3. dative singular of clītella
  4. vocative plural of clītella


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