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counter- +‎ attract



counterattract (third-person singular simple present counterattracts, present participle counterattracting, simple past and past participle counterattracted)

  1. (rare) To attract at the expense of someone or something else.
    • 1948: Glasgow Medical Journal, volume 147, page 111
      The provision of nurses for them is a major problem in itself, relieved to a large extent in county districts by part-time workers, but remaining only partially solved by such methods in the cities, where more congenial occupations counterattract them.
    • ante 1979–2002: American Institute of Physics, Current Physics Index, volume 27?: part 1?, page 6,393 (1979) or 4,917 (2002)
      Flexible polymers also counterattract.
    • 1986: Robert Donald Swisher, Surfactant biodegradation, page 162 (Marcel Dekker; ISBN 0824769384, 9780824769383)
      If the cell has amongst its armament such a latent potential matching the novel compound we are presenting, and if that compound can counterattract the repressor away from the DNA, synthesis of the enzyme can then proceed, the newly formed enzyme starts degrading the compound, and acclimation by enzyme induction is accomplished.

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