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Classical Nahuatl[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

The glyph for the day sign cōzcacuāuhtli "vulture", from the Codex Magliabechiano.


From cōzcatl (rounded jewel, necklace bead) +‎ cuāuhtli (eagle).


  • IPA(key): [koːs.kaˈkʷaːʍ.t͡ɬi]


cōzcacuāuhtli (animate)

  1. the king vulture, Sarcoramphus papa
  2. the sixteenth day sign of the Aztec tōnalpōhualli, represented conceptually by this animal.
    • 16C: Codex Magliabechiano, f. 13r.
      chi coaçe cuz / ca. coatl. q̃ qui / ere dezir seis a / guilas amarillas.
      chi coaçe cuzca. coatl. [sic] which means “six yellow eagles”.



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