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From curious +‎ -est.



  1. (informal or nonstandard) superlative form of curious: most curious
    • c. 1580, Philip Sidney, “The Fifth Booke”, in Mary Sidney, editor, The Covntesse of Pembrokes Arcadia [] [The New Arcadia], London: [] [John Windet] for William Ponsonbie, published 1593, OCLC 1049103286; republished in Albert Feuillerat, editor, The Last Part of The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia [] (Cambridge English Classics: The Complete Works of Sir Philip Sidney; II), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: University Press, 1922, OCLC 496012517, page 193:
      Honourable even in the curiousest pointes of honour, whereout there can no disgrace nor disperagement come unto her.
    • 1851, [William Henry Gregory], chapter II, in A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius and back; [], London: John Murray, [], OCLC 1826847, page 90, column 1:
      "But the curiousest thing a'most as I ever see at sea," resumed the mate, with an air of abstraction, and filling himself another glass of grog—"a'most the curiousest thing I ever see was when I was a coming home from Quebec in the old Jane— [...]"
    • 1855 Christmas, Charles Dickens, “The Boots”, in Charles Dickens, editor, The Holly-tree Inn. Being the Extra Christmas Number of Household Words, volume XII, New York, N.Y.: Dix & Edwards, publishers, [], published 1856, OCLC 209879594, page 18, column 2:
      What was the curiousest thing he had seen? Well! He didn't know. He couldn't momently name what was the curiousest thing he had seen—unless it was a Unicorn—and he see him once at a Fair.
    • 1930, William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying:
      But the curiousest thing was Dewey Dell. It surprised me. I see all the while how folks could say he was queer, but that was the very reason couldn't nobody hold it personal.