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de- +‎ bond


debond (third-person singular simple present debonds, present participle debonding, simple past and past participle debonded)

  1. To remove a bonding agent such as glue, or to free from such a bonding
    • 2006, Neslihan Eminkahyagil et al., “Effect of Resin-removal Methods on Enamel and Shear Bond Strength of Rebonded Brackets”, in The Angle Orthodontist[1], volume 76, number 2:
      The brackets were debonded by pliers.
  2. (law, India) To lift a posted bond
    • 1962, India Central Board of Revenue, Indian Sea Customs Manual[2], page 301:
      The Company shall give three months' prior notice to the Customs Collector in case they decide to debond the shipyard.

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