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Alternative forms[edit]


de- +‎ civilize



decivilize (third-person singular simple present decivilizes, present participle decivilizing, simple past and past participle decivilized)

  1. (transitive) To make less civilized.
    • 2005, Marilynne Robinson, The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought[1], →ISBN, page 74:
      Are we not in fact dicivilizing ourselves as we decivilize them? Why is there no outcry? Is it because we have cast off the delusion of human sanctity?
  2. (intransitive) To become less civilized.
    • 2003, David Weber, Empire from the ashes[2], →ISBN:
      Or how beings such as ourselves—such as you now are— with lifespans measured in centuries and strength and endurance far beyond that of Terra- born humans, could decivilize so utterly?

Related terms[edit]