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de- +‎ classify



declassify (third-person singular simple present declassifies, present participle declassifying, simple past and past participle declassified)

  1. to remove the classification from; to lift the restrictions on
    • 2023 June 27 [2021], Donald Trump, 02:18 from the start, in ‘This is secret information’: Hear exclusive audio of Trump discussing classified documents[1], CNN, archived from the original on 2023-06-27:
      Trump: This was done by the military and given to me. Uh, I think we can probably, right? / Staffer: I don't know, well, we'll have to see. Yeah, we'll have to try to- / Trump: Declassify it. / Staffer: -figure out a- yeah. / Trump: See as president I could have declassified it. Now I can't, you know, but this is still a secret. / Staffer: Yeah. [Laughter] Now we have a problem. / Trump: Isn't that interesting? / Staffer: Yeah. / Trump: It's so cool.