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From de- +‎ fiber


defiber (third-person singular simple present defibers, present participle defibering, simple past and past participle defibered)

  1. (US, transitive) To remove some or all fiber from.
    • 1965, Forest Products Research Institute, Technical Note - Forest Products Research Institute[1]:
      The samples are defibered according to the kind of paper to be analyzed.
    • 1974, Edgar L. Spruill, Color removal and sludge disposal process for kraft mill[2]:
      The most common type of material has been woody fragments which have been cut into granules (rather than defibered) by pulp refiners.
      The paper is defibered in a stock slusher having a movable defibering or slushing element, while infeeding water.
    • 2012, John L. Seitz, Global Issues: An Introduction[3], →ISBN, page 91:
      Processed, defibered products have taken their place.