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From de- +‎ interlace.



deinterlace (third-person singular simple present deinterlaces, present participle deinterlacing, simple past and past participle deinterlaced)

  1. (film, transitive) To convert (video footage) into a non-interlaced format; to remove one field from each video frame.
    • 1984, System for spatially transforming images, US Patent 4472732 (PDF version):
      A deinterlace filter for interlaced raster scanned video data receiving sequential fields of video data one pixel at a time with each pixel of video data being received during a pixel time and outputing a deinterlaced frame of video data for each field received, the deinterlace filter comprising []
    • 1985, SMPTE Journal: Publication of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, volume 94:
      I think that an improved receiver, which could do deinterlacing, doubling the frame rate, perhaps combined with some way of getting rid of subcarrier-related artifacts, might be MAC or something else.
    • 1998, Jim Taylor, DVD demystified, page 117:
      One advantage of MPEG-2 video on DVD is that computers and future players can deinterlace it and display it on progressive-scan HDTV screens, with considerably better quality than today's interlaced screens.
    • 2013, Michael Parker, Digital Video Processing for Engineers: A Foundation for Embedded Systems Design, page 43:
      Bob deinterlacing provides good results when the image intensity varies smoothly, but it can soften the image because it also reduces the vertical resolution.