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  1. (nonstandard) simple past tense and past participle of drink
    • 1860, The New York Times, "How the Republicans took the Nomination of Lincoln The Opposition Victory in Oregon":
      Then these stalwart martyrs dashed their new hats on the pavement, they "danged their buttons" that they had ever been such fools as to admit LINCOLN to be any better than a moderate stump-orator, who had got whipped out by DOUGLAS; they drinked, took something, accepted a treat, snook hands, consented to be treated again -- and by this time the extras were out with LINCOLN once more the man, and the "Straight-outs" slinked off once more for a private drop of refreshments.
    • 1999, San Francisco Chronicle, "There's no bucking veteran deer hunter":
      Nielsen credits his long, healthy life to the great love and bonds in his family and his passions for his career and outdoor adventure. " 'Course, I never smoked or drinked."