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From Middle English ech other, yche othere, ich othir, eche other, ilk oþer, from Old English ǣlċ ōþer (each other), equivalent to each +‎ other. More at each other.



  1. (nonstandard) Alternative spelling of each other
    • 1826, G. H. C. Egestorff (translator), Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock (author), Klopstock's Messiah (Der Messias), canto XIV, lines 94–6, page 427:
      The pilgrims to the heavenly Salem, who / By nature for eachother were design’d, / In this life oft are near, yet do not meet.
    • 1921 April, Charles Johnston, "Tao-Teh-King: An Interpretation of Lao Tse's Book of the Way and of Righteousness", part I (of VIII), in The Theosophical Quarterly, volume XVIII, The Theosophical Society, page 347:
      Lao Tse is seeking to make clear the relation of the unmanifested and the manifested Logos to eachother, as poles of the same Being.
    • 2006, Karunkar Nair, Pebbles in the Sand, Lulu.com, →ISBN, page 44:
      Our last night together! [] How are we going to cope with the absence of eachother?