ecky thump

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Introduced in "Kung Fu Kapers", a 1975 episode of the British comedy television series The Goodies. In the episode, "ecky thump" is a secret Lancastrian martial art using black puddings as a weapon.


ecky thump

  1. (humorous, colloquial) Exclamation of surprise or pleasure, supposedly part of a Northern English dialect.
    • 1985, Keith Waterhouse, Waterhouse At Large.:
      [] its bellowing cry of Ecky thump! sounded much friendlier than []
    • The Guardian, Sunday June 10 2007, Kitty Empire
      The latest Stripes album title, a play on the Lancastrian exclamation Ecky thump! is, in part, a gasp of surprise...
    • 2001, Cyril Morris, Morgi, page 122:
      Ecky thump! I've never tasted anything as good.