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encline (third-person singular simple present enclines, present participle enclining, simple past and past participle enclined)

  1. Obsolete spelling of incline
    • 1591, Edmund Spenser, The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser, Volume 5[1]:
      "Now sure, and by my hallidome," quoth he 545 "Yea great master are in your degree: Great thankes I yeeld you for your discipline, And doo not doubt but duly to encline My wits theretoo, as ye shall shortly heare."
    • 1753, Theophilus Cibber, The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland[2]:
      My dities indited may counsell many one, But not you, your maners surmounteth my doctrine Wherefore, I regard you, and your maners all one, After whose living my processes, I combine: So other men instrusting, I must to you encline Conforming my process, as much as I am able, To your sad behaviour and maners commendable.
    • 1890, William Painter, The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1[3]:
      The peres and noble men seing their king reduced to such extremitie, moued with pitie and compassion, began secretly to pratise for him, some with threatninges, some with flatteries and persuasions: some went to the mother, declaring vnto her the eternall rest and quiet prepared for her and all her friendes, if she would persuade her daughter to encline to the kinge's mind, and contrariwyse the daunger iminent ouer her head.




  1. feminine singular of enclin