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  1. (rare) plural of equinox
    • 1824, John Jones, The history of Wales[1], page 216:
      The four grand and solemn Bardic days are of ancient usage, the two equinoctes, and the two solstices; the new and full moons are also subordinately solemn Bardic days.
    • 1848: Charles Richard Weld, A History of the Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents, page 100 DUP
      “ 21. Report the experiments, if conveniently they may, at both the solstices and equinoctes.
      “ 22. Observe accurately the time of the sun’s rising on the top of the hill and below, and note the difference4.”
    • 2006: John T. Koch, Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia, “calendar, Celtic”, §4: The Seasons, page 332 (ABC-CLIO; →ISBN, 978-1851094400)
      Though Midsummer’s Day celebrations are common in the modern Celtic countries, there is no evidence that the ancient Celts celebrated either the solstices or the equinoctes.