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From Ancient Greek εὐοῖ (euoî).



  1. A cry of impassioned rapture in ancient Bacchic revels.
    • 1909, Richard Edwin Day, New poems:
      Shall the warriors of Thebes be dumb? " Euoi ! Euoi ! Hail Bacchus ! " They dance to the pipe and drum.
    • 1983, George Hitchcock, Kayak:
      Euoi ! Curving vines, delicate tendrils from sinews and tendons. Euoi! Candle flames and sweet smoke sting, swarm with the sound of bees...
    • 2001, Ralph Ellis, K2: Quest of the Gods:
      The Bacchic cry of Euoi is not too dissimilar to Jesus' penultimate cry, while on the cross, of Eloi, Eloi.
    • 2003, Matthew Dillon, Girls and women in classical Greek religion
      ...sexually aroused by them but never successful in their urge to debauch them. The maenads, Diodoros continues, cry out 'euoi'...