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Back-formation from euthanasia. Compare euthanize.


euthanase (third-person singular simple present euthanases, present participle euthanasing, simple past and past participle euthanased)

  1. (Britain) Alternative form of euthanize
    • 1988, British Small Animal Veterinary Association, World Small Animal Veterinary Association, The Journal of Small Animal Practice, Volume 29, page 258,
      One affected red and white pup was euthanased and the eyes sent for histological examination.
    • 2003, R. Fuller, Gabriela Perdigón, Gut Flora, Nutrition, Immunity and Health, page 188,
      Mice from each treatment group, including negative controls, were euthanased seven days after the last feed.
    • 2010, Jal Maxwell, Square Peg - Round Hole[1], page 56:
      On one occasion I euthanased a horse because of sand colic. The girl's mother, who lived in Perth, and didn't observe the incident, complained to the Board. She stated that horses don't die of colic and I was required to give reasons why I euthanased the horse.