even Jove nods

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Alteration of even Homer nods, substituting Jove, a seemingly even more infallible agent.


even Jove nods

  1. Alternative form of even Homer nods


  • 1896: Lilian Bell, The Under Side of Things, page 178
    [I]t is said that even Jove nods upon occasions; but if Venus ever did, the record has been lost.
  • 1903: Factory and Industrial Management, volume 24, page 760
    To err is human, and even Jove nods. But it certainly seems unnecessary to go out of the way to invent and elaborately embroider stories so grotesque as this.
  • 1905: Orison Swett Marden, Choosing a Career, page 315
    It is said that even Jove nods; the paying teller must never nod, since he is beset with opportunities to make mistakes, a single one of which may cost the bank a great deal of money and him his place and chances of advancement.
  • 1913: The Chautauquan, volume 70, page 68
    It is even related that at one time when [Napoleon] caught [Marie Louise] experimenting with the making of an omelette he gave yet one more instance of his omniscience by playfully teaching her how to prepare it. That he dropped it on the floor would seem to prove that even Jove nods.
  • 1933: Time, volume 22, issues 14–26, page 10
    Time usually is correct in its statements but we have classical authority that even Jove nods occasionally.
  • 1997: Harry Turtledove, How Few Remain, page 547
    Even Jove nods,” Roosevelt said, which meant nothing to the storekeeper. Grunting, Roosevelt carried the full milk cans out to the wagon.
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