every dog has its day

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Alternative forms[edit]


every dog has its day

  1. Everyone, at some point, experiences some degree of success, impact, or influence in life.
    • 1898, George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra, act 3:
      Caesar: Yes, Rufio: I am an old man—worn out now—true, quite true. . . . Well, every dog has his day; and I have had mine: I cannot complain.
    • 1987 Nov. 5, Thomas George, "Football: First Down, Many Goals to Go," New York Times (retrieved 13 July 2015):
      "[T]o lose, it hurt. But I learned from that. I learned that every dog has its day. I learned patience."
    • 2012 Aug. 11, "Europa League: Hearts delight at Liverpool tie," Independent (UK) (retrieved 13 July 2015):
      The Hearts manager John McGlynn was thrilled to be drawn against Liverpool in the Europa League play-offs. McGlynn said: ". . . . I would imagine the bookmakers would favour Liverpool but every dog has its day."



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