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exspectātiō f (genitive exspectātiōnis); third declension

  1. expectation, waiting
  2. suspense


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative exspectātiō exspectātiōnēs
genitive exspectātiōnis exspectātiōnum
dative exspectātiōnī exspectātiōnibus
accusative exspectātiōnem exspectātiōnēs
ablative exspectātiōne exspectātiōnibus
vocative exspectātiō exspectātiōnēs



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    • we expect a great deal from a man of your calibre: magna est exspectatio ingenii tui
    • contrary to expectation: praeter spem, exspectationem
    • to cause oneself to be expected: exspectationem sui facere, commovere
    • to fulfil expectation: exspectationem explere (De Or. 1. 47. 205)
    • to respond to expectations: exspectationi satisfacere, respondere
    • to be in suspense, waiting for a thing: exspectatione alicuius rei pendēre (animi) (Leg. Agr. 2. 25. 66)
    • to suffer torments of expectation, delay: exspectatione torqueri, cruciari
    • to rouse a person's expectation, curiosity to the highest pitch: aliquem in summam exspectationem adducere (Tusc. 1. 17. 39)