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fact +‎ -ify


factify (third-person singular simple present factifies, present participle factifying, simple past and past participle factified)

  1. To establish truth or validity by presentation of factual evidence.
    • 1999 September 9, Jerry Hull, “Re: Metaphysical Death Match: Mental vs. Physical”, comp.ai.philosophy, Usenet
      the machinery you use to construct this comforting world of facts involves things that don't themselves belong in that world. When you build your construct you conveniently forget all the stuff that does not end up as part of it. But, of course, we can factify anything. There is a table, there is a blurriness, there is a sensation of hardness
    • 2001 March 3, Pat Dooley, “Re: Re: Susanna Hall's Signature”, humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare, Usenet
      Where appropriate, Diana qualifies her statements. She does not transmute impersonal evidence into personal evidence to create a personality for Shakespeare as Schoenbaum does. She does not factify myth, as I show Park Honan and Anthony Holden doing above.
    • 2002 November 23, Sarah Cardwell, Adaptation Revisited: Television and the Classic Novel, Manchester University Press
      Such ambitions of authenticity function to factify the fiction, literally to prop it up, performing a positivist role as the tangible trace of a lost era.


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