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faile (third-person singular simple present failes, present participle failing, simple past and past participle failed)

  1. Obsolete spelling of fail
    • 1566, William Adlington, The Golden Asse[1]:
      And lest by her long talke she should be found to trip or faile in her words, she filled their laps with gold, silver, and Jewels, and commanded Zephyrus to carry them away.
    • 1665 December 7 (date written; Gregorian calendar), Samuel Pepys; Mynors Bright, transcriber, “November 27th, 1665”, in Henry B[enjamin] Wheatley, editor, The Diary of Samuel Pepys [], volume V, London: George Bell & Sons []; Cambridge: Deighton Bell & Co., published 1895, OCLC 1016700617, page 156:
      But none can be got, which pleases him the thoughts of, for, if the Exchequer should succeede in this, his office would faile.




faile f

  1. genitive singular of fail