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familiāris +‎ -tās


familiāritās f (genitive familiāritātis); third declension

  1. intimacy
  2. close friendship
    Synonym: amīcitia
    Antonyms: inimīcitia, āversiō
  3. familiarity
    Synonym: nōtitia


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative familiāritās familiāritātēs
Genitive familiāritātis familiāritātum
Dative familiāritātī familiāritātibus
Accusative familiāritātem familiāritātēs
Ablative familiāritāte familiāritātibus
Vocative familiāritās familiāritātēs



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    • to be bound by the closest ties of friendship: artissimo amicitiae vinculo or summa familiaritate cum aliquo coniunctum esse
    • to be on intimate terms with some one: alicuius familiaritate uti
    • to be on friendly terms with a person: usu, familiaritate, consuetudine coniunctum esse cum aliquo
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