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Middle English[edit]


From Middle English floren (to equip with a floor, to pave), from Middle English flor (floor, foundation), Old English flōr (floor, pavement, ground)


floring (plural florings)

  1. making a floor
    Pro le floryng, dalbyng..et le parchettyng. — Extracts from the Account Rolls of the Abbey of Durham, 1457
  2. the floor of a room, building, or other structure
    Noe made a wyndow in his schippe..and housynge and cabans wiþ dyuers florynge. — Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden, 1387
    This mapil, ook, & asshe endureth longe In floryng..This flooryng wul be blak & wynter warm. — Palladius, c1440