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From Middle English fordwinen, from Old English fordwīnan (to dwindle away, vanish), from Proto-Germanic *fra- (for-), *dwīnaną (to disappear, dwindle), from Proto-Indo-European *dgʷhey- (to disappear, die), equivalent to for- +‎ dwine. Cognate with Dutch verdwijnen (to disappear, vanish). More at for-, dwine.


fordwine (third-person singular simple present fordwines, present participle fordwining, simple past and past participle fordwined)

  1. (intransitive, obsolete) To fade away; waste away; decay; dwindle; wither; vanish.
    • Geoffrey Chaucer,The Romaunt of the Rose.
      Her face frounced and forpined And both hir hondes lorne fordwined So old she was, that she ne went A foote.