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Back formation from fragmentation.


fragmentate (third-person singular simple present fragmentates, present participle fragmentating, simple past and past participle fragmentated)

  1. To fragment (break into fragments)
    • 2006, Robert Clayton Buick, Food for the Jackals[1], page 23:
      …if you've got any type of bone structure, the round would fragmentate and explode…
    • 1927, H. W. Munday, Pit and Quarry Hand Book: Useful and Practical Information for the Sand, Gravel, Stone, Cement, Gypsum, and Lime Industries, Complete Service Publishing Company, page 37:
      After you have determined by experience or trial the number of tons of stone one pound of a certain grade or strength of explosive will properly shoot or fragmentate, it then is a matter in bank shooting of locating your drill or bore holes…