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free +‎ mix


freemix (third-person singular simple present freemixes, present participle freemixing, simple past and past participle freemixed)

  1. Alternative form of free-mix
    • 1975, Richard W. Brislin, ‎Stephen Bochner, ‎& Walter J. Lonner, Cross-cultural perspectives on learning, →ISBN, page 120:
      Because many of the foreign students have been accustomed to freemixing and unrestricted social contacts between the sexes, they find the situation in Pakistan most frustrating.
    • 1978, Abdus Sattar, The sowing of seeds: the sociology of primitive sex, page 155:
      The tribes of Bangladesh, like those of elsewhere, permit freemixing of boys and girls.
    • 2005, The Middle East, Abstracts and Index - Volume 29, Part 1, page 535:
      They forced students in the schools to freemix. They made males sit with females on school chairs next to each other.
    • 2013, Ziauddin Sardar, Critical Muslim 5: Love and Death:
      What about criticism of 'freemixing'? Emerald has received a fair share of censure, Ali admits.