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Middle English[edit]


Old English freond


freend (plural freends)

  1. friend


  • English: friend
  • Scots: [[#Scots|freend

also a name from a book funny guys



freend ‎(plural freends)

  1. friend
    • 1884, various, Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, XXII[1]:
      Weel, ye see, as I was telling ye, things passed on in this way till I was thirty, when a respectable flesher in Edinburgh that I did a good deal o' business wi', and that had just got married, says to me in the Grassmarket ae day: 'Davy,' says he, 'ye're no gaun out o' the toun the night--will ye come and tak' tea and supper wi' the wife and me, and a freend or twa?' "'
    • 1895, Ian Maclaren, A Doctor of the Old School, Part 4[2]:
      "But a' wudna like ye tae sell Jess, for she's been a faithfu' servant, an' a freend tae.
      1919, Violet Jacob, Songs of Angus and More Songs of Angus[3]:
      Warslin', steerin' wi' hens an' swine, Naucht kens she o' a freend o' mine-- But the Gowk that bides i' the woods o' Dun He kens him fine!
    • 1922, Charles H. Sylvester, Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 6[4]:
      "Ailie," said James, "this is Maister John, the young doctor; Rab's freend, ye ken.