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  1. superlative form of free: most free
    • 1690, John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book IV, ch.20, section 4, [1]:
      And, however they may seem high and great, [these people] are confined to narrowness of thought, and enslaved in that which should be the freest part of man, their understandings.
    • 1776, Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book IV, [2]:
      The small quantity of corn imported even in times of the greatest scarcity, may satisfy our farmers that they can have nothing to fear from the freest importation.
    • 1861, John Stewart Mill, The Subjection of Women, Transaction 2001, p. 177:
      For my own part, however, I desire to say that I am in favour of removing, not only this, but all legal impediments whatever, to the freest choice by women of a career whether in political or civil life.



  1. (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of free