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From the Old Norse friðill ‎(a lover, a gallant). Confer the Old Norse friðla ‎(a mistress, a harlot, a concubine), it's contraction frilla ‎(a mistress, a harlot, a concubine) (whence the Icelandic term frilla ‎(a concubine, a mistress)) and friðgin ‎(which seems to mean lovers)- a word analogous to systkin (whence the Icelandic systkin ‎(siblings, brother and sister) and systkini), fegðin (whence the Icelandic feðgin ‎(father and daughter)) and mæðgin (whence the Icelandic mæðgin ‎(mother and son))


friðill m ‎(genitive singular friðils, nominative plural friðlar)

  1. (of a male) the lover of a married woman

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • (lover of a married woman): (obsolete) hór