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From the Old Norse friðill (a lover, a gallant). Confer the Old Norse friðla (a mistress, a harlot, a concubine), it's contraction frilla (a mistress, a harlot, a concubine) (whence the Icelandic term frilla (a concubine, a mistress)) and friðgin (which seems to mean lovers)- a word analogous to systkin (whence the Icelandic systkin (siblings, brother and sister) and systkini), fegðin (whence the Icelandic feðgin (father and daughter)) and mæðgin (whence the Icelandic mæðgin (mother and son))


friðill m (genitive singular friðils, nominative plural friðlar)

  1. (of a male) the lover of a married woman

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • (lover of a married woman): (obsolete) hór