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Attested since 1979, coined by Lennart Holm, the General Director for the National Board of Physical Planning and Building (Planverket), a blend of Friggebo +‎ bod (shed, shack), the former being the last name of Birgit Friggebo, the Minister for Housing at the time.

The friggebod reform implied that anyone could build a shed of maximum 10 square meters on their premises without obtaining a construction permit from the municipality. From the onset of 2008, the area was increased to 15 square meters.



friggebod c

  1. a small structure of no more than 15 square meters and 3 meters in height that may be built without a special permit
    Vi byggde vår friggebod när jag var liten.
    We built our friggebod when I was young.


Declension of friggebod 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative friggebod friggeboden friggebodar friggebodarna
Genitive friggebods friggebodens friggebodars friggebodarnas

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