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fuck +‎ -est




  1. (vulgar, pseudo‐archaic) (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of fuck
    • 1991, Hamish Whyte (editor) and Janice Galloway (editor), Scream, if you want to go faster, page 120 (Association for Scottish Literary Studies; →ISBN, 9780948877124)
      O Lord thou fuckest me, crying ‘You are here to kneel.’ Your creed’s as cold as a slum’s pensioners in winter.
    • 1997, Frankie Hucklenbroich, A Crystal Diary, page unknown (Firebrand Books; →ISBN, 9781563410833)
      Thou shalt demand fidelity from thy femme(s), even whilst thou fuckest around at every opportunity.
    • 2004, Bernard Capp, When Gossips Meet: Women, Family, and Neighbourhood in Early Modern England, page 254 (Oxford University Press; →ISBN, 9780199273195)
      ‘Thou as honest a man as I?’ cried a Sussex villager scornfully to his companion, as they walked home together from market one day in 1635. ‘Thou fuckest other folks’ wives.’

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