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Back-formation from galumphing in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, where the meaning was different.



galumph (third-person singular simple present galumphs, present participle galumphing, simple past and past participle galumphed)

  1. (intransitive) To move heavily and clumsily.
    • 2008, Denise Hamilton, The Last Embrace, Simon and Schuster →ISBN, page 137
      Lily's heart galumphed. This wasn't the same temp she'd bribed away yesterday. Something had gone haywire. She braced herself. Myra looked at the woman, then at Lily, who was suddenly busy with her stenography.
    • 2013, William Conway, Act III in Patagonia: People and Wildlife, Island Press →ISBN, page 186
      The big fellow finally took a long look at the thing under his chin, and the current disturbance, and galumphed away, but Claudio was still dancing from boulder to boulder, trying to keep away from the teeth of the lunging females.