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get you

  1. (UK) An expression of encouragement, commonly used sarcastically.
    • 1996, Stepping Up: four play scripts for the classroom, Jane Lilliard and Mollie Hemens:
      Gary: Ssh. Miss is talking
      Debbie: Ooh, get you! Since when have you ever wanted to listen to the teachers?
    • 1998 January 16, “Film: Dancing with the devil”, in The Independent, London, England:
      When Keanu Reeves falls apart, you just want to hiss "Ooh, get you!"
    • 2005 September 17, “The 50 Best Ways to Accessorise”, in The Independent, London, England:
      'I know that the thought of travelling with a cashmere wrap makes some people say 'ooh, get you,' Annalisa admits, 'but no one who has ever done it laughs!

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