give a rat's ass

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give a rat's ass (third-person singular simple present gives a rat's ass, present participle giving a rat's ass, simple past gave a rat's ass, past participle given a rat's ass)

  1. North American spelling standard spelling of give a rat's arse.
    • 2002, Molly Ivins, "Who Needs Breasts, Anyway?," Time, 18 Feb.:
      I suspect that cancer doesn't give a rat's ass whether you have a positive mental attitude. It just sits in there multiplying away, whether you are admirably stoic or weeping and wailing.
    • 2008, Jim Moore, "Save Our Sonics group is angry, articulate," Seattle Post-Intelligencer (USA), 24 March (retrieved 11 May 2011):
      Anderson also said he doesn't think "the NBA gives a rat's ass about Seattle," and he's upset with Howard Schultz for selling the team to Bennett.
    • 2008, Gregg Keizer "New exploit poisons patched DNS servers, claims researcher," PC World (Australia), 12 Aug. (retrieved 11 May 2011):
      "[W]e could completely secure the DNS or at least the parts of DNS whose operators gave a rat's ass about security," Vixie concluded.