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go wonder

  1. Expression of amusement over apparently unexpected but predictable result.
    Go wonder! It did work after all.
    • 1997 May 30, Mikko V.I. Parviainen, “Star Trek VS Star Wars (Scenarios)”, in alt.tv.star-trek.ds9 (Usenet):
      How many of the stormtrooper shots actually hit something other than walls? Foor example the scene in TNH just after freeing princess Leia from the cell and before the carbage dump escape : there are at least several squads of storm troopers against the four escapees. Many storm troopers are left dead or wounded after firefight, but no shots hit the heroes.. Go wonder..
    • 1999 November 17, “joan...@gionline.net is a piece of crap!”, in alt.support.divorce (Usenet):
      I guess in your small world, multiple posts mean something? Go wonder!!!
    • 2000, Henrik, “HP48GX display fixed itself - hmm, go wonder?? ;-)))”, in comp.sys.hp48 (Usenet):
    • 2004 August 24, “XP2 out early for me”, in microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (Usenet):
      His info shows him as still under SP1. Go wonder particularly since I have a home LAN set up and both computers access the internet through the same router.

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