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From the noun goal suck.


goal-suck (third-person singular simple present goal-sucks, present participle goal-sucking, simple past and past participle goal-sucked)

  1. (derogatory, ice hockey, slang, intransitive) To loiter near the opposing net, hoping to score an easy goal.
    • 1981 [2004], Peter Gzowski, The Game of Our Lives, Surrey, B.C.: Heritage House Publishing:
      [p 77] But the essential rules were the same everywhere: no goal-sucking, no raising, unless whoever’s younger brother was stuck in goal was also foolish enough to wear shin-pads, no long shots, no throwing your stick to stop a breakaway.
      [p 88] Forwards lurked near their opponents’ line and called for the puck by banging their sticks on the ice until someone hollered goal-sucking.
      [p 238] Old rules came back. Anderson threw his stick along the ice at a breaking-away Semenko—how graceful he looked from this perspective!—and Semenko was awarded an automatic goal. Driscoll was called for goal-sucking.
    • 2010, Jason Blake, Canadian Hockey Literature, Toronto: University of Toronto Press:
      [p 63] goal-sucking [i.e., waiting near the opponent’s goal for a long pass and ensuing scoring opportunity]
      [p 64] In shinny, everyone wins. Though rules are scaled back, the game is not loosened beyond all form, and the driving competitive element remains. [. . .] ‘Goal-sucking’ is banned because there are neither offsides nor referees to judge them.
    • 2012, David Skuy, Game Time: Overtime, →ISBN, page 181:
      For a second Charlie was tempted to goal suck and look for the stretch pass.
    • 2013 March 17, Bruce McCurdy, “Edmonton Oilers player grades — Oil's 3-2 win over Preds no beauty, but 2 points are 2 points”, in Edmonton Journal:
      Wound up with nothing to show for his night except a well-deserved -1 in the dying seconds when he was goal-sucking out at the blueline for an empty netter while his man slipped into the slot to narrow the lead to one.

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