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From Middle French grommeler, from Old French grumeler (to murmur, grumble), from Middle Dutch grommelen (to murmur, mutter, grunt), frequentative of Middle Dutch grommen, related to Low German grummeln (to grumble), German grummeln (to grumble).



  1. (clarification of this definition is being sought) to grumble


This verb is conjugated mostly like the regular -er verbs (parler and chanter and so on), but the -e- /ə/ of the second-to-last syllable becomes -è- /ɛ/ when the next vowel is a silent or schwa -e-. For example, in the third-person singular present indicative, we have il grommèle rather than *il grommele. Other verbs conjugated this way include lever and mener. Related but distinct conjugations include those of appeler and préférer.

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