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  1. plural of ha'penny
    • 1866, James Greenwood, The true history of a little ragamuffin, page 68:
      "Give us hold of the three ha'pence. Cut away with you, and if you are gone as long as a minute, see what you'll catch." "Give him the three-ha'pence and cut away !"
    • 2010 July 22, George Monbiot, The Guardian, George Monbiot's Blog,How scrapping the SDC to save money will cost the taxpayer a fortune
      Junking it is the definitive false economy: spoiling the ship for a ha' pence of tar.
    • Marriott Edgar, [http//:http://monologues.co.uk/3Hapence.shtml Three Ha'pence A Foot]
      Now Maple were Sam's Monopoly;
      That means it were all 'is to cut,
      And nobody else 'adn't got none;
      So 'e asked Noah three ha'pence a foot.