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haalarit pl

  1. An overall, overalls, coverall, coveralls, boiler suit, dungarees.
  2. A jumpsuit.


Usage notes[edit]

The Finnish term haalarit usually refers to a one-piece garment that covers both legs and upper body, but it may also be used of trousers equipped with a front patch and suspenders (US) (braces in UK). If one wants to be more specific avohaalarit, haalarihousut or lappuhaalarit may be used of the latter and kokohaalari of the former. Of the English terms above, "boiler suit" (UK), "coverall" and "coveralls" (universal) refer to a garment covering the whole body, and "dungarees" (UK) and "overalls" (US) to the trouser type. "Overall" may mean both things, and "overalls" is the same as "coverall" outside the US. This information is drawn from associated articles in Wikipedia and Wiktionary. Wikipedia mentions also terms bib-and-brace, bib overalls and bib-and-brace overalls, apparently as synonyms of "dungarees".

Derived terms[edit]