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Related to hegal and hegaz, probably with the same final element as isats.


  • IPA(key): (Southern) /eɡat͡s̺/, [e̞.ɣ̞at͡s̺]
  • IPA(key): (Northern) /heɡat͡s̺/, [ɦe̞.ɣ̞at͡s̺]


hegats inan

  1. feather
    Synonym: luma
  2. wing
    Synonym: hegal
  3. fin
    Synonyms: hegal, isats


Declension of hegats (inanimate, ending in consonant)
indefinite singular plural
absolutive hegats hegatsa hegatsak
ergative hegatsek hegatsak hegatsek
dative hegatsi hegatsari hegatsei
genitive hegatsen hegatsaren hegatsen
comitative hegatsekin hegatsarekin hegatsekin
causative hegatsengatik hegatsarengatik hegatsengatik
benefactive hegatsentzat hegatsarentzat hegatsentzat
instrumental hegatsez hegatsaz hegatsez
inessive hegatsetan hegatsean hegatsetan
locative hegatsetako hegatseko hegatsetako
allative hegatsetara hegatsera hegatsetara
terminative hegatsetaraino hegatseraino hegatsetaraino
directive hegatsetarantz hegatserantz hegatsetarantz
destinative hegatsetarako hegatserako hegatsetarako
ablative hegatsetatik hegatsetik hegatsetatik
partitive hegatsik
prolative hegastzat

Further reading[edit]

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  • hegats” in Orotariko Euskal Hiztegia [General Basque Dictionary], euskaltzaindia.eus