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From Middle Low German hōpen, from Old Saxon *hopon, from Proto-West Germanic *hopōn.


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hoppas (present hoppas, preterite hoppades, supine hoppats, imperative hoppas)

  1. (used with att, which can be omitted) to hope; to want something to happen
    Jag hoppas (att) du har trevligt.
    I hope (that) you have a good time.
    Man kan alltid hoppas...
    One can always hope...
    Vi hoppades (att) hon inte skulle bli arg.
    We were hoping (that) she wouldn't get angry.
  2. (used with ) to hope; to want a certain condition or outcome
    Jag hoppas på solsken till helgen.
    I am hoping for sunshine this weekend.
    Vad tror du det är i paketet? Jag hoppas på en modelljärnväg.
    What do you think is in the parcel? I hope there is a model railway.
  3. passive infinitive of hoppa
  4. present passive of hoppa

Usage notes

  • The conjunction att in the phrase construction is often omitted in speech and colloquial writing.



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