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French numbers (edit)
800[a], [b]
[a], [b] ←  70 [a], [b] ←  79 80 81  → [a], [b], [c], [d], [e] 90  → [a], [b]
    Cardinal (decimal): huitante, octante
    Cardinal (vigesimal): quatre-vingts
    Ordinal (decimal): huitantième, octantième
    Ordinal (vigesimal): quatre-vingtième
    Ordinal abbreviation: 80e, (now nonstandard) 80ème

Alternative forms[edit]


Inherited from Old French oitante, uitante, from Latin octāgintā, variant of octōgintā (eighty), from Proto-Indo-European *oktōḱomt, from earlier *oḱto(w)-dḱomt (eight-ten). Cognate with Jèrriais huiptante, Valencian Catalan huitanta. Doublet of octante.



huitante (invariable)

  1. (obsolete outside Vaud, Valais and Fribourg[1] in Switzerland and other dialects: Acadia) eighty
    Synonyms: (outside Switzerland and in the Swiss cantons of Geneva, Berne, Neuchâtel and Jura[1]) quatre-vingts, octante
    Il a écrit huitante mots.He wrote eighty words.

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