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hypo- +‎ enhance


hypoenhance (third-person singular simple present hypoenhances, present participle hypoenhancing, simple past and past participle hypoenhanced)

  1. To produce hypoenhancement
    • 2015, Angela D. Levy, ‎Koenraad J. Mortele, ‎Benjamin M. Yeh, Gastrointestinal Imaging, page 424:
      With the exception of subtle perilesional enhancement, the metastases hypoenhance relative to liver in all phases.
    • 2016, Nuzhat A. Ahmad, Management of Pancreatic Diseases:
      The enhancement characteristics of a PNET on CT may also have prognostic value, as lesions that hypoenhance on CT scan tend to have worse overall survival than lesions that are isoenhancing or hyperenhancing (5-year survival 54% vs 89% vs 93%).
    • 2019, Jason M. Wagner, Ultrasound:
      Most (78%) lesions overall hypoenhance compared with background parenchyma.