i ndiaidh do chinn

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Literally ‘after your/one’s head’.


i ndiaidh do chinn

  1. headlong, headforemost

Usage notes[edit]

The possessive determiner alters to agree with the person who is moving headlong:

  • Thuit mé i ndiaidh mo chinnI fell headlong (literally, “after my head”)
  • Thuit tú i ndiaidh do chinnYou sg fell headlong (literally, “after your head”)
  • Thuit sé i ndiaidh a chinnHe fell headlong (literally, “after his head”)
  • Thuit sí i ndiaidh a cinnShe fell headlong (literally, “after her head”)
  • Thuiteamar i ndiaidh ár gcinnWe fell headlong (literally, “after our head”)
  • Thuit sibh i ndiaidh bhur gcinnYou pl fell headlong (literally, “after your head”)
  • Thuit siad i ndiaidh a gcinnThey fell headlong (literally, “after their head”)