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  1. second-person singular imperfect active indicative of iaceō
    1. "you were lying prostrate, you were lying down; you were reclining"
    2. "you were lying ill, you were sick"
    3. "you were lingering, you were tarrying"
    4. "you were placed or situated, you were lying"
    5. "you were low, flat or level"
    6. "you were lying still"
    7. "you were lying dead"
    8. "you were lying in ruins"
    9. "you were hanging down loose"
    10. (of the face or eyes) "you were fixed on the ground, you were cast down"
    11. "you were indolent, idle or inactive"
    12. "you were lying dormant or abandoned, you were of no avail"
    13. "you were lying overthrown; you were refuted; you were despised"
    14. (of speech or language) "you were languid, dull or lifeless"