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  1. nominative feminine singular of iactūrus
  2. nominative neuter plural of iactūrus
  3. accusative neuter plural of iactūrus
  4. vocative feminine singular of iactūrus
  5. vocative neuter plural of iactūrus


  1. ablative feminine singular of iactūrus


iactura f (genitive iacturae); first declension

  1. a throwing away
  2. throwing overboard, jettison
    • Quintus Curtius Rufus, Historiae Alexandri Magni, Book V, 9, 3
      Sed medici quoque graviores morbos asperis remediis curant, et gubernator, ubi nafraugium timet, iactura quidquid servari potest redimit.
      Translation by John Carew Rolfe:
      But physicians also cure more desperate maladies by harsh remedies, and a pilot, when he fears shipwreck, rescues by jettison whatever can be saved.
  3. (figuratively) sacrifice
  4. (figuratively) loss


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative iactura iacturae
genitive iacturae iacturārum
dative iacturae iacturīs
accusative iacturam iacturās
ablative iacturā iacturīs
vocative iactura iacturae

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