in memoriam

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From Latin in memoriam (into memory).



in memoriam (not comparable)

  1. In memory (of); as a memorial.
    • 2004, John P. Frayne and Madeleine Marchaterre, “Notes” to The Collected Works of W. B. Yeats, Volume IX: Early Articles and Reviews, Scribner, →ISBN, page 553:
      An Enchanted Castle, and Other Poems, 1893, p. 72, prefaces the poem with this line, which suggests that the poem was written “in memoriam”: “[C. L. P., OB. JULY 18, 1884.]”.
    • 2009, Zuzana Parusniková, review of David Miller’s Out of Error, in Zuzana Parusniková and Robert S. Cohen (editors), Rethinking Popper, Springer, →ISBN, page 417:
      The book can be divided into three main parts: chapters 1, 14 were written in memoriam; in the second part (chapters 2–7) Miller carries out a philosophical investigation of critical rationalism; the third part (chapters 8–13) []

Usage notes[edit]

  • Sometimes followed by a reference to the one being remembered: then, either a preposition is used (typically of) or in memoriam is followed directly by the reference (as in in memoriam: Christa McAuliffe or in memoriam Christa McAuliffe).



in memoriam (plural in memoriams)

  1. An announcement or composition etc. in memory of a deceased person.