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A corruption of italiano, where standard /lj/ became [ʎ], a distinct Italian phoneme that is spelled -gli- before vowels.



itagliano (feminine singular itagliana, masculine plural itagliani, feminine plural itagliane)

  1. (chiefly northern Italy) Misspelling of italiano.

Usage notes[edit]

It is mostly found in some Northern spoken varieties in which the standard /l/ is quite palatalised when followed by /i/ or /j/. In the written language this form mostly surfaces in primary school children and it is not considered an acceptable rendering of the word, despite being a regular rendering of a common pronunciation.


itagliano m (plural itagliani, feminine itagliana)

  1. (chiefly northern Italy) Misspelling of italiano.

Proper noun[edit]

itagliano m

  1. (humorous, informal, derogatory) ungrammatical or misspelled Italian language.