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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek καλώς (kalṓs, nice, good) and ὀδούς (odoús, tooth), name of a toothpaste brand. The older form kaladont derives from an older spelling of the brand name. In Serbia, only this form is used.

Since few or no words begin with nt, this word tends to end the game.


kalòdont or kalodȍnt m (Cyrillic spelling кало̀донт or калодо̏нт)

  1. toothpaste
    • 2013, Pavao Pavličić, Sretan kraj:
      Po zidovima su visili stari plakati s reklamama za kalodont, [...]
      On the walls are hung with old posters advertising for toothpaste, [...]
    • 2013, Zvonimir Majdak, Gadni parking:
      Srkne vina, promulja ga u ustima kao da ispire kalodont.
    • 2015, Nada Marinković, Razna lica ljubavi:
      Unela mu se u lice, raširila oči što je više mogla, nasmejala se kao manekenka na reklamama za kalodont.
      Brought him to the face, eyes widened as she could, she laughed like a model in commercials for toothpaste.
  2. shiritori-like Serbo-Croatian word game in which each player attempts to come up with a word starting with the final two letters of the previous player's word


  • kalodont” in Hrvatski jezični portal